Wandering Didjbox Project
There are 3 wandering Didjboxes being circulated to people who sign up to receive the boxes.

For North America, contact Martin Schiff mschiff@cdsol.com
Listen to Martin's recording, go to http://www.cdsol.com/cdsol/downloads/starbirth_meditator.mp3
For Southern EU and UK, contact Rodrigo Viterbo. didgetc@sapo.pt
Rodrigo's website is http://messageboard566393.aimoo.com
For Germany, Holland, Northern EU and the DDML list, contact Dorte, didgewoman@gmx.de
Dorte has a nice WDB page on her website: http://www.didgewoman.de

I am sure there will be some overlapping of territories but this is a general guideline to keep them circulating in one area, at least at first. The same person may sign up on more than one list.
Each of these people will collect a list of names and determine the most logical order to send the Didjbox from person to person. Keep it for a couple of weeks, make a recording if possible and some comments and send it on to the next person.
Click here to go to the DidjBox forum for comments and questions about the WDBs.